i don't know what i'm doing


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    The first official release from Deckhead Records (DHR001) and the first time GHOSTS' album "i don't know what i'm doing" has been released on tape. Enjoy.

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"i don't know what i'm doing" is the fourth full-length release from lofi poprock band GHOSTS (Richmond, VA). ghostsofficial.bandcamp.com


released November 4, 2016


All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Caleb Hoehner (GHOSTS) in Richmond, Virginia.

Originally released on October 1, 2016
Released by Deckhead Records on November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Deckhead Records Colorado

Deckhead Records is an independent label in Colorado helping friends from all over release their music on tape.

Demos/Love Notes: deckheadrecords@gmail.com

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Track Name: a million pieces
* * *

I wish I had a way to keep myself inspired
No drugs or surgery required
I know I'm preaching to the choir
We're all so sick of being tired

But I can feel my soul start leaking
deep in to this couch i sink in
and I don't know what I've been thinking
Must be all the shit I'm drinking

oooo ooo ooo
oooo ooo ooo

I know I've made mistakes but that I'm used to
It's owning up to them that's not so fun
and everyone will say "it's all okay, dude"
but they don't know exactly what I've done

And then, I swear, I'll try to say I'm sorry
But we know that's just for shit
Cuz I have got a million pieces to a puzzle
None of them quite fit

ooooo ooo ooo
ooooo ooo ooo
* * *
Track Name: it's not okay (dude)
* * *

People move so fast when they change their lives for the better
and i guess it makes sense, but it's not okay dude
i keep getting worried about all my friends
and when the final plan falls through
we'll abandon all the things we used to love together
it will cut us deep, but not so bad we can't continue to breathe in
i'll break all boundaries, push all limits to the side
fuck the universes plans cuz on my own I will survive

it's not okay dude
it's not okay dude
* * *
Track Name: hero
* * *

So, where is super-
man, when you need him?
Cuz i am drowning
with no one to call

No, I don't feel right
My head kinda feels like
mixing milk with liquor
Nothing makes me sicker

When superman is dead
I'll be your hero
So don't make plans
Instead, just let me near you
I hear your voice in my head
saying I'm gonna lose
I hear your voice in my head
Saying you love me too

I have no reason to lie
Down on the floor and cry
Cuz I have big fish to fry
while you're with another guy

But hey, I'm not here to judge
i haven't called in months
Cuz I didn't think you'd care
I'm not going anywhere
* * *
Track Name: sky polar
* * *

Can u throw in the towel?
Just call it quits
I hope I'm right at the top of your shit list
when it ends
cuz i don't wanna be so depressed anymore

I know it sucks
when it's said and done
but nobody said it was gonna be fun
i got 100 bucks that says i end up alone

i need time to figure out my life before you do
I need time to figure out what's right before you to

Well my sky's blue
But I'm tripping over you
thinking about what you do
when no one is around

It's always grey when
you decide you need a break
and have to run away
but i think you are just afraid

It feels like earth ain't where I'm from
so when are the aliens gonna come
to abduct me from this dump
and take me away

I just need to run so fast
i break my legs and crash
When you catch me, I'll be waiting
Lying in the grass

* * *
Track Name: wrapped so tight
* * *

People will talk their shit
I don't give a fuck
Just like a punching bag
I don't get enough

I am a laughing stock
but i laugh it off
I need a better place
to burn all the trash I talk

We live in a ridiculous world where
you're only crazy when your head's on straight
but my straight jacket is my own brain
and I'm wrapped so tight I might go insane

We live in a ridiculous world where
you're only crazy when you're too brave
and it's so sad we have to watch it crumble
while all our friends will just get blamed


Life's full of mystery
I mean misery
People are hard to please
Scared my heart will freeze

and just when it's figured out
we still have our doubts
earth is too small for crowds
and the sun is burning out



* * *
Track Name: do u luv me?
* * *

well i would never get to t-t-talk about you that way
so you don't get to t-t-talk shit about me
i have every reason in the book to be angry
luckily I have jesus christ and liquor to sustain me

Well i would s-s-sacrifice my left brain baby
maybe if you weren't so mother f-f-fucking crazy
sometimes i think you're the only one that's gonna save me
but put holes through my heart like stealing candy from a baby

Do you love me?
Yes or no?
You've lead me on so long
and if you do, I need to know
I can't keep holding on
I'll wait for you
til my skin turns blue
but one day I'll be gone

I know we're so close
but I wish we were closer
I want you l-laying in my bed
come over
I wish that you could s-s-say
you love me when your sober
Guess I'll just be sitting on the sidelines
til it's over

WIsh I could say i love you
but i'm not prepared to
i'm so s-s-sorry if my antics scare you
I'm hope when you look at me
you see your best friend
i'll be screaming out your fuckin name
until the world ends

* * *
Track Name: lulu
* * *

* * *
Track Name: let me down
* * *

Drink and whine, growing up
Talking shit, throwing up
Hanging out, being loud
Fucking up, let me down

Drinking wine, growing up
Talking shit, throwing up
Making out, being loud
Fucking up, let me down


you used to talk to me about
how you knew I would never ever let you down
but you would treat me like a clown
put me on a leash then i’d follow you around

i used to treat you like a queen
with just a look i know exactly what you mean
you probably think that i’m obscene
cuz i look like a man but love like a machine


I used to think that you were cool
it’s such a shame you tried to play me for a fool
i shoulda known you’d let me down
you saw the water creeping up but let me drown

you used to tell me everyday
that when your with me all your troubles melt away
your gonna dig my early grave
its getting deeper with every word that you say

* * *
Track Name: nervous
* * *

My hands feel so funny whenever they're holding yours
And my side up's not sunny it's just dripping on the floor
You think I am cunning baby but really I'm just bored
My thoughts keeps on running lately
I hope their feet get sore

I never met someone who made me so nervous
but also so happy
and also so sad

I never held someone that held me back tightly
and squeezed me so slightly
who never let go


My mind gets so fuzzy whenever I get too high
My mind gets so fuzzy that I feel like I might die
You think someone's judging you from way up in the sky
But really there is no one there and that though makes you cry

* * *
Track Name: idk
* * *

You wake up early to run errands around town
I'll have a beer for breakfast just to calm back down
It's crazy getting older watching how we change
It feels like everyone got old but i'm the same

Getting old should be a crime
I'm sure that I'll just drink until i lose my mind
get bored and have to settle down like everybody else
i'll be another weekend warrior on the shelf

You go on walks to keep yourself in better shape
I binge on take out food and stay up way too late
It seems like all my friends have dreams they are pursuing
I'm getting anxious cuz I don't know what I'm doing


I don't know, I don't know
I don't know what i'm doing

6x or something
* * *